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The innane ramblings of a fan

17 September
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An atheist raised within christianity.No internet preachers please. I've gone through so many apologetic books since I first began to doubt, I've probably heard what you've had to say a hundred times. Thank-you.

I wish to become involved with conservation is some way. I plan to take a few months to volunteer and get more involved with this field so I am more it is what I want. I have a Bachelor's in the Biological Sciences and a Masters within the area of Conservation.

Currently I'm working as a Coffee Barista.

Most of my journal are about fandom, or those few times I look at something at the news and rage (or both) as well as the odd personal story here and there. I'm not a regular updater though.

Mostly interests lie in Avatar: The last airbender and the new MLP show really, but feel free to offer suggestions!