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The BBC would like to apologise for the following announcement...

The innane ramblings of a fan

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Random cringe from the past
heartbeat flame
(On a random note, thanks to those who responded to my last post and sorry that I never replied)

Currently supposed to be working on coursework but- well, as you do.

Do you ever, like, just randomly stumble upon old posts though? I mean like on fan forums and maybe even community livejournals. Things you specifically posted and now cringe over. Not even necessarily fandom related things even- just on topics I clearly had no clue over in relation to actual life.

I sure as hell have recently.

I'm not naming the message board or fandom (oh god no) but suffice to say its a fandom which is getting more steam lately for various reasons and I'm not interested in having to contend with the stupid opinions I held 5 or even just 3 years ago. But of course as a masochist I checked the board I used to frequent at the time- and while there is some more activity since then pretty much some of my old posts and topics are there for the world to see.

Just... WHY past me... WHY.

I was such an ass licker for some people sometimes especially with this one less than nice woman. It's fucking embarrassing. Especially considering that said then-abrasive person seems even worse now somehow. She's like just a few years shy of my PARENTS age. It's godawful and embarrassing. Even if I agreed with her sometimes I didn't even 100% agreed with her all the time, I just felt panicked though when she didn't. Shit.

Not going back there anyway.

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Yeah, its just a shame with certain forums that's not possible. At least lj gives an option though.

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