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Random post time/min-rant.
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Yeah it's been a while since I've posted. But just close-to-1am ramblings about tumblr here. Under the cut. Not pretty so seriously just scroll away if you don't want to see it. I may regret this later but damn it all.

I will probably NEVER get my own tumblr blog unless I gain the ability to draw, and maybe not even then. Probably only the siren calls of advertising would get me to join I guess because in such a universe I'd probably try my hand at webcomics.

(Note: this is rather unlikely).

Just lurking on tumblr itself is enough for me to despair for humanity sometimes. And hell most of my fandom interaction is livejournal or fandom secrets based. That's kind of saying something.

But still I continue to lurk. And even occasionally send (nice) anon messages to those parts I do in fact like. For the pretty and the activity I'll still go to it and then be trapped there for hours against my better judgement.  Tumblr is like a really hot person who is great in bed and yet also can be the most vile person imaginable.

It's a pretty messed up relationship. But hell at least it's honest. 


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Thank you. I thought I was the only one left on LJ/DW that didn't have a Tumblr mirror. It's too overwhelming for me over there!

I guess tumblr does has its appeal in the sense it has a lot of fandom activity over there. But it's just not enough for me to get one given how tumblr can sometimes be. It seems so exhausting and draining to have one.

Hell, even when you turn off anon it seems that doesn't stop some people from posting death threats or being particularly cruel. I mean I may have had that sort of thing before but somehow I feel like with the wrong sort of attention or post I could get ten times the number of threats in 24 hours then I've gotten in my entire Internet life before hand. Or so it seems anyway.

The fact that it's so active turns me off. I want to be able to vanish on the internet for a day or two and not worry too much about missing things. On Tumblr, EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT ONCE AND DEMANDS YOU TO BE THERE. And, if you have a spare second, it probably prompts you to spend that second on TV Tropes or something.

I still never get death threats. Even before the internet they made no sense. The fact that they still go on makes me cranky.

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