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Oh Mako: mostly a ship rant sorry
heartbeat flame

I may not absolutely despise you with every fibre of my being like a lot of the fandom right now but seriously you're just kind of a dick/idiot sometimes.

Asami gave you a chance to tell the truth and you blew it. 

(Just praying that Asami doesn't join the equalists because it would be contrived and bullshit-I'm kind of hoping Hiroshi offers again, knowing about the break up and Asami is like "Look just because my firebender (ex?)boyfriend is being a huge douchecanoe doesn't mean all benders are or even that I think Mako himself deserves it removed either just for being said douchecanoe. Please. That's some bullshit you're smoking right there dad." or something like that).

That being said I hope Mako DOES get his bending removed if only for the fact he might get some more actual character development out of romance and maybe in season 2 I might actually be able to ship Makorra. Because I might actually care about Mako as a person rather than simply sometimes get irritated at him/confused by him. I WANT TO LOVE YOU MAKORRA. I ACTUALLY LIKE THAT YOU CAN BE AFFECTIONATE SOMETIMES A LITTLE. JUST PLEASE. BREAK IT OFF WITH ASAMI (AND DON'T DEGRADE HER IN THE PROCESS)

In the end though Mako wasn't completely awful, and I do agree maybe it wasn't the time for relationship drama but... given how you act Mako you're kind of out of luck there buddy and really you should just man up and BREAK IT OFF WITH ASAMI IF YOU LIKE KORRA MORE. I don't care if you're unsure Korra will take you now (because seriously I am now confused as to why you are still with Asami for any other reason than possibly this right now), that's NOT how it works. If you like Korra more than Asami then Masami is some bs to even still exist whether or not Korra still returns your feelings.

Breaking up takes five minutes. Explaining yourself takes less. I think you're got that to spare. And if you don't want to and like Asami more than Korra then, damn, say that, that you were confused at the time but now KNOW you want to be with Asami and just care for Korra as a friend. You come across as awful for not taking a few minutes to tell the truth. Breaking up sucks but you can't stand by the idea of not going on to a new branch/girl unless you are 100% sure it/she will take you before letting the other one go. Asami deserves more than being a bloody consolation prize/'safe' option. Damn it. No-one deserves that.

And Asami I think broke up with him. Did she? I'm not sure, it was unclear.

Ugh, I guess Mako was distracted but Korra is fine, was going to be fine. She didn't need Mako staring at her in her sleep, not really. Spirits Mako.

Asami channelling her rage into kicking butt and cutting Mako off when he was irritated at Bolin for telling the bloody truth, Korra learning patience, airbending babies being awesome as is Tenzin, and OH GOD LIN MY QUEEN NOOOOOOO. Mad props to all of them.


Now if only Bolin would get development.


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