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Korra Episode 6: :D
heartbeat flame
A million times better than Episode 5!

I'll admit if I was to say one thing I would change from Episode 5 it would be how Pema regarded her actions- I'm actually fine with her actions (telling Tenzin), but how she said it peeved me (My soul mate with the wrong person!) and I felt like the only way to fix it was to make Tenzin's last significant other evil which would have been utterly cheap, thankfully, while Pema's words were still a bit... eh, they still made it seem better all the same and it wasn't that cheap, Lin and Tenzin were growing apart, and I liked their interactions.

But I especially loved Lin and Korra's interactions. Huzzah! Also Pabu and Bolin being adorable. Amon being creepy, and it was a good end to probending I feel.

Plus in my head canon Lin had a girl crush on Aang as a teen, because let's face it, he is a DILF. 

If I was to say one thing, I'm still waiting for them to develop Asami, I really, really want them to and hope she and Korra become friends. I live in hope I guess?


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