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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Blue): A Squirtle and Charmander
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I bought a Nintendo DS second hand over a week ago, I am having a ridiculous amount of good fun with the first Pokemon Dungeon (Blue) game I bought along with it. It's incredibly addictive. And I'm only what... 6 years late! New record!

(For the curious I was Pikachu at first but then soon afterwards something happened to the file where I had to delete and start again- and then I became Squirtle the second time... eh whatever, my partner is a Charmander, who has kind of always been my favourite Pokemon in the anime as a kid, I always thought he was adorable- plus Charizard could fly, what's not awesome about that?)

I am now however shipping Hero/Partner to a disturbing degree. Which makes me wonder if that's some weird self insert abomination. Even if of course everyone gets the same dialogue regardless, with only your names switched. It's just a good story, better then I expected, and I'm sometimes weak to best friends ending up as romantic partners.

Still regardless, I also bought a Zelda game too, for when I'm finished with this (my partner and I are about to go into the sky for our last mission-apparently- though I have my doubts, doesn't that leave the Gengar plot thread dangling if so, it makes more sense in a happy game especially for him to be redeemed?!- but I'm training us both up before then because I've had a look at it before escaping and it's enemies seem difficult).

I however also from a few youtube videos now want PMD2 as well.  I might choose a different partner to Charmander depending on what I get. Or I might get attached. IDK. Even though I grew with old school pokemon in the anime I might try that Treeko one as a partner. Or that fire monkey.... thing. (Chimchar?)

I guess I've realised something now: I only really seem to get into hand held games, PC and bigger gamestation games haven't held my interest like this before- and this isn't just a fluke, years ago my sister and I shared a gameboy colour and advance and the same thing happened there for me when we played with other peoples stations of played on our PC so... live and learn. I guess if I become a gamer it will only be in hand held games.

Sorry if you see me writing Hero/Partner fic, I know, I know, I should probably be ashamed. -Hangs head-

Anyone else played this game? If so what Pokemon were you? What was your partner? Did you like it or get any of the other games in the series?
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Hah, I've played Pokemon Red Rescue Team and the Explorers of Time one for the DS. I have two others, but I haven't really touched them yet.

I at least remember- after having looked at my old game - that I was a Psyduck and my partner was a Charmander. Of course, now I'm a Golduck, and its a Charizard, but, yeah.

As someone who hasn't ever got to play the regular pokemon games I wonder about the apparent differences in the games across the board when it comes to the pokemon franchise, apparently there are some but they're very slight... -shrugs- I'm not sure what they are in PMD case- I got Blue simply because it was there in the shop I was in (£9.99 weee! And the Zelda game was about the same), which sells that sort of thing in its franchise (second hand games, on the cheap!). I will, next time I'm in one, want to buy the second PMD game if I can find it, and likely the same would happen there- whichever one is available is the one I'll get out of the two. I do remember SEEING it in one of the shops I was in- The "Darkness" one I think, possibly for the same price. Next time I'm in one I'm getting it for sure.

It's a lot of fun and I like the plot in any case so far. But now I crave fic for a game which has been out for six years and one where the species and names of the two main characters are different for each person... I'm not sure how that will work out.

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