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My dog died today
heartbeat flame
Not too long ago actually. The vet, she came here to do it this morning.

It's not a surprise. She wasn't even 12 yet (would have been in May if she'd made it) but she was getting worse for a long time, and the last couple of days she really got hit with it. So it was for the best. She was in pain. She couldn't DO anything and she was unhappy.

It's not like I wasn't prepared and I sat with her and stroked her as it happened.

It was pretty fast all in all. It was for the best.

But why am I still crying?

It would have been worse to keep her alive like that.
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Oh wow. Ouch. Hon, you poor thing. It is NEVER easy to lose a puppy, no matter how old either of you are. I am so, so so unbelievably sorry.

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