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I am currently doing a Post Grad Diploma Course on Communications. Part-Time so it's just an evening a week and it would take 2 years to earn it, but I can leave after 1 year with a Certificate if I wish.

You know what's funny? Doing science degree courses and then trying to do a course in something which is anything but scientific. (The full Masters is technically an MSc, but it is SO NOT SCIENCE this communications course I am on. A few models does not science make to me). Sure I'm sure SOME communication courses are scientific (say if you were looking into the mechanics of communication devices like computers, phones etc) but that's not the type of communication course this is at all. It's more people based, which is good I guess since well, that's what I signed up for. Trying to beef up the old CV and all.

So not really a critique at all, it just isn't scientific to me that's all especially after all the biology I've ingested- and biology is considered a softer science then say chemistry or physics. Communications still matters a lot though IMO and I think there are definitely people around the good old internet who would benefit from it.

Communications does seem interesting and in some ways my experiences on the internet have helped but a part of my brain is like asgafhafsdf when there are really no clear rules/facts in some areas. Still, I think this is a good class in empathy if nothing else judging by the fact chapter 3 of my text book goes into inter-cultural ideas.

I'm fascinated. Yet now slightly freaking out at the same time since my first major assignment (WORTH 70% OF MY FIRST MODULE MARK, ACK.)will be about my coffee shop job though. Honestly? I'd rather delve into the inter-cultural stuff. It's like I'm in a sweet shop and instead of getting caramel they're pushing me into coconut junction. Which is okay if you like coconut and I'm more or less okay with it to try, but it's not exactly what I want to have right now when there are more interesting things to consume.

I am bad at words. Maybe this course will help though.


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